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The death of a loved one is always difficult;
Nicora and Hespe, LLP are known for their

compassion &


in handling the delicate matters at hand.
Probate Administration: After the death of a person with a will, numerous actions need to take place before assets are distributed. This process, known as probate administration, is required to validate the will.  Probate administration includes notices to creditors, paying all debts and taxes, and resolving any legal suits. Nicora and Hespe, LLP has successfully handled numerous probate administration cases. The death of a loved one is always difficult; Nicora and Hespe, LLP are known for their compassion and efficiency in handling the delicate matters at hand.


Conservatorships: Conservatorships occur when a person is deemed by a judge as being incapable of managing their affairs and/or to properly care for themselves. A person is usually deemed incapable if they have become debilitated by an accident, illness, or disability.  There are two types of conservatorships, the first is of the person, where the conservator organizes the care and protection for the conservatee, decides where the conservatee will reside, arranges the conservatee’s health care, nutrition and food plan, clothing, transportation, entertainment, and all other personal care responsibilities. The second is the conservator of the estate, who arranges the finances of the conservatee, assumes control of the conservatee’s assests, and manages the investment and assest protection of the conservatee.
          A conservatorship is beneficial for a conservatee when no other system is in place, because it allows for the court to intervene if necessary. However, the court’s involvement is not always beneficial; a conservator may need to get the court’s approval for specific transactions which may result in unwanted costs and time involvement.
          At Nicora and Hespe, LLP, our staff has been involved in hundreds of conservatorship proceedings and we have assisted both conservators and conservatees. Mr. Nicora is routinely appointed by the Superior Court to intervene in difficult conservator cases. Our combined staff has the knowledge and experience to both obtain the appointment of a conservator or to seek to assist the prospective conservatee by advocating the dismissal of a conservatorship proceeding in appropriate situations.
          There are four differing types of conservators: general conservatorship, limited conservatorship, temporary conservatorship and LPS conservatorship. To determine which conservatorship may apply to your situation, call to set up an appointment.

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