Nicora and Hespe, LLP, a boutique Monterey County law firm, represents clients in matters of civil litigation. Nicora, Hespe and staff work aggressively to ensure their clients’ needs are met. Albert Nicora has represented clients nationwide and has served as a California Probate Referee for the Superior Court since 1975. Frank Hespe has practiced world-wide, including negotiating peace in Nepal and presiding as Dean of Monterey County Law School. Together, these foremost Monterey County lawyers form a formidable pair in any client’s corner. As highly-regarded civil law lawyers, Albert Nicora and Frank Hespe have had their cases covered in local media and can be read on the In the Media page. Nicora and Hespe have offered personalized service to clients in Monterey County since 1983, and in Alameda County since 1980.

          Nicora and Hespe go to great lengths to ensure they understand their clients’ needs. Only after a deep understanding of their client’s unique situation will they recommend a course of action. Their recommendations are always supported by a strong foundation of research, by associate attorneys Joelle Clark and Andrew Blomquist, both known for their ability to concisely layout complicated matters and for their impeccable attention to detail.

          The clients of Nicora and Hespe, LLP validate the law firm’s standing as a leader in Monterey County. Many of their clients have stayed with them throughout the years, and a majority of their current clients have been referrals. Nicora and Hespe stand out as lawyers who push to give their clients the attention they deserve. They believe open communication is a critical factor in a successful attorney-client relationship.

          Nicora and Hespe, LLP is also dedicated to serving the local community. The Carmel law firm is regularly nominated by the court to take on pro bono cases. Members of our staff also actively serve on the board of directors for Catholic Charities, and have served as president and treasurer of the Monterey County Bar Association, member of the United Nations Association, co-chair of the United Way of the Salinas Valley, past president and member of the board of directors of the Charitable Council of Monterey County, member of the City of Pacific Grove Senior Housing Committee, member of the Planned Giving Advisory Council of California State University, Monterey Bay, member of the board of directors of the Alzheimer’s Association, Monterey County chapter, member of the board of directors of the Berkeley Community Law Center and founding member of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law’s free legal clinic.

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